Massachusetts Wedding and Club Band Bigtime!

The Band

 Comprised of seasoned veterans of the wedding band and music scene in Boston, Massachusetts, the band members have worked in a variety of party bands and wedding bands in varied music styles. Located in the Boston, Massachusetts area, the band has played weddings and nightclubs in all of the New England since 1993.


Kathleen Powers
Lead & Backing Vocals, Percussion.

Kathleen is a dynamic singer and the front person of Bigtime. She comes from a very musical family and has sang in plays and bands in the area. Kathleen was lead vocalist in the band "Splitfinger Fastball" and a founding member "Mr. Slate", the original incarnation of Bigtime.

Dave Powers
Keyboards, Guitars,  Lead & Backing Vocals

Dave is an accomplished musician and has been playing weddings and clubs in Massachustts for 25 years. After performing at the World's Fair in New Orleans in 1984, Dave was part of many area bands including "The Answers", "Sully & No Exit", "Stranger" & "Splitfinger Fastball".

Dave Powers
Kevin Gray
Bass, Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

Kevin is a multitalented musician who has been part of the music scene most of his life. Kevin was part of many area  bands including  "Stranger", "Twin Towers" & "Splitfinger Fastball". In addition to being a great bassist, Kevin also plays lead guitar and sings in the band.

John DiRusso
Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals

John is a talented and versatile guitarist, also with many years experience in the local music scene.  A founding member of the Bigtime predecessor "Mr. Slate", John returned to the band in 2010 and brought back the amazing talent and energy that only he can supply.

Ken Risher
Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Ken has been playing guitar professionally for over 20 years in Massachusetts area bands such as Mojo, Mirror Mirror, Guilty Party and the Risher Brother Duo. Ken is a fantastic and versatile guitarist. As well as playing guitars Ken also sings in the band.

Gene Risher
Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Gene has been playing drums professionally for over 20 years in Massachusetts area bands such as Mojo, Guilty Party and the Risher Brother Duo. Gene is a, excellent  drummer and also a very talented and capable lead and background vocalist.

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